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Ask Capital and Ask funding affiliates have executed over $200 million in transactions across the New York City tri-state area over the last (10) years

$120 Million

Acquisition or sales execution


Multifamily & commercial loans
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$70 Million

Acquisition financing


Investing in Minority and underrepresented owners
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$30 Million

Construction or renovation financing


Secure your project with short term capital
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$20 Million

Financing for distressed companies or those in turn around status

Working Capital

Get working capital for financing real estate
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$15 Million

In working capital funding for your business

Working Capital

Get working capital for your business
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$10 Million

In mezzanine debt or preferred equity


Get financing that works for your business or project
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Working Capital

ASK Funding’s management team are seasoned professionals with over (60) years in the financial industry. We understand the challenges associated with small business loans and the need to easily access the working capital.
With today’s current market conditions, access to working capital is becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Many business owners are being turned down by banks and with our simple funding process it has become easier than ever for a merchant to obtain working capital even with today’s economic conditions.

ASK Funding provides small companies with the working capital they need to operate their business on a daily basis.

We provide merchant cash advances to many different types of businesses. Through our years of experience, we have built tremendous relationships with our lenders, and together with their support we are able to provide merchants with the working capital that they need.

Our hassle free application and approval process is what makes ASK Funding your platform for your working capital needs

Real Estate Financing

ASK Capital raises hard money financing focused on servicing real estate investors by providing quick and low-cost capital on their investment properties. ASK’s approach to lending is centered around the investor, therefore allowing the investor to focus more on their investment and less on the loan process. ASK Capital was founded by a group of real estate investors, whose emphasis was on acquiring and improving distressed properties. So whether or not you are an experienced real estate investor – ASK  can assist in the expansion of your real estate portfolio.


Hard Money

We’ve designed a range of products to suit every type of residential real estate investor, from fix and flip to cash out refinance loans, and many more. So whether you’re flipping a home in New York, or cashing out property wealth in Florida, we’ve got a competitively priced product for you.


Construction Loans are a great source of capital to investors who are purchasing or own properties that need extensive construction or renovation. It is common that the extent of the construction prevents a traditional bank from financing such properties. ASK’s philosophy is different. ASK views a Construction Loan as a means to improve and revitalize a community, while helping the investor on their journey to profitability and generational wealth.

Fix & Refi

Many investors are more interested in building recurring monthly revenue by growing their rental portfolio rather than flipping properties. ASK Capital’s Fix & Refinance program allows the borrower to build a real estate portfolio by purchasing distressed properties, making improvements, occupying the property with paying tenants and ultimately refinancing into a ASK Capital  rental loan. ASK’s  Fix & Refinance programs allow the borrower to invest as little as 10% to build their real estate empire

Rental Loans

Experts say that the best way to build wealth is by generating recurring monthly revenue – there is no better way to do just that than acquiring rental properties. ASK is a big advocate of building wealth and our rental program is here to assist in achieving that goal. Our Rental Loan Product is underwritten as a hard money loan but with traditional type terms and rates.

Fix & Flip

Fix & Flip loans allow the borrower to make a quick return on their investment while stimulating communities –ASK’s  Fix & Flip program allow the borrower to invest as little as 10%. We offer up to 90% of the borrowers purchase price and 100% of the renovation cost in as little as 3-7 business days. Prior to finding ASK, many of our borrowers would share 50% of their profits. ASK views our borrowers as our partners, however our borrowers keep 100% of the profits!